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shorteat: a Sri Lankan term for sweet and savoury snacks usually served at a gathering; a place for recipes, notes, and stories inspired by the spices and flavours of Sri Lanka and beyond.


Hi! My name is Deborah. Thank you for joining me here. Following a trip back to my first island home of Sri Lanka, I was inspired to to start collecting my favourite and new recipes in one place.

I live and work in Sydney, Australia and in my spare time (ha!) I cook, photograph, podcast, and walk my dog; a floof called Murphy. It's nice to be back writing in this space.


shorteat is my space to share my history, traditions, and create new ones. You can follow me here or subscribe to receive a monthly shorteat note.


shorteat note  is a monthly dispatch with recipes, stories, and other bits of interestingness I find along the way. To receive this dispatch, simply subscribe with your address below.


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